FINEON targets medium & large corporates that are based in the markets and offers its tailored working capital optimization solutions (Supply Chain Finance & Receivable Finance) that enables them to pay back debt, fund future growth, reward shareholders and reduce risk.

Our Supply Chain Finance programs ensure utilization of best practices for a company's suppliers payment term extensions in return for early payment schemes at favorable rates and our Receivable Finance solutions utilize best practices for cash flow optimization by tapping into excess working capital that is trapped in the company's balance sheets while also offering Credit Insurance as a credit protection and credit enhancer to our Receivables Finance clients.


The Challenge

Because of increased globalization, open account trading, enhanced competition and rising customer expectations, business today is more complex than ever before. As a result, companies not only need to optimize the flow of materials and information in their supply chains, but also the financial flows.

The Solution

Supply Chain Finance solution is acknowledged by many of its users as a way of enabling them to reduce their working capital needs by freeing up cash trapped in their own balance sheets while enhancing the profitability and the stability of their supply chains

The Results

  • Optimizes Days Payable Outstanding (DPO) to increase free cash flow while the supplier gets to improve its Days Sales Outstanding (DSO), reducing costs and liquidity risks in the supply chain
  • Reduction in Working Capital
  • Strengthening buyer/supplier relationships & reducing supply chain risks
  • No debt is incurred as the supplier is selling his receivables
  • Enhances Funder-Buyer relationship at very low risk for the funder
  • Enables market share increase for funder by accessing Buyer supply chains

How it Works?

Accounts Payable


The Challenge

For companies seeking to stay ahead in today’s competitive marketplace, maintaining healthy levels of working capital is vital. All too often, irregular payment cycles make it hard to optimize your cashflow.

The Solution

FINEON’s Receivable Finance solution can provide flexible payment options for your customers via our secure online Receivables Platform. Our platform balances opposing payment interests between buyer and supplier, boosts your liquidity with no recourse to you by allowing you to speed up your cash conversion cycle and provides competitive differentiation by enabling you to increase your sales substantially.

The Results

  • Accelerated payments via a debit-neutral source.
  • Freed up Working Capital to boost your business growth
  • Reduced insurance and collection costs.
  • Streamlined administration for both seller and customers
  • Strengthening supplier/buyer relationships through flexible payment options
  • De-recognition of assets compliant to IFRS 9

How It Works?

Accounts Receivable


Companies of all sizes and credit profiles use securitization to achieve significant cost savings in comparison to other forms of debt. Due to the highly structured nature that is characteristic of these transactions, securitization lenders can provide capital at a relatively low price.

FINEON’s Trade Receivables Securitization solutions provides our clients a committed, flexible and scalable financing solution. Our Receivables Securitization solution enables the sale of multi-jurisdiction and multi-currency receivables by supporting multiple opcos of the same company. We leverage our unique proprietary technology to automate and simplify complex transactions and offer advisory services to enable a higher advance rate and the lowest cost of funds for our clients. We aim to optimize financing by working with different regional and international funders and by providing reporting and backup servicing over the duration of the transaction.

The Results

  • 1 – 5 years committed facilities
  • Flexible and scalable financing programs
  • Lower cost of funds versus alternative forms of financing
  • Multi-jurisdiction, multi-currency, multi-opco programs
  • Off-Balance Sheet treatment available (US GAAP and IFRS)
  • Access to a wide variety of funders


FINEON’s Insurance partners around the globe provides our customers unparalleled support and the ability to facilitate funding programs in a range of currencies and jurisdictions.

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