FINEON offers its Supply Chain Finance & its Receivable Finance service offerings in a single one stop shop multi-banking platform. Such a proposition offers all stakeholders a smooth onboarding process as funders that wish to fund SCF as well as RF programs can do so seamlessly without having to have multiple user accounts and the same goes with large buying organizations that also act as sellers who wish to benefit from optimizing both their payables and their receivables.


  • MULTIPRODUCT: FINEON’s platform is highly flexible: it is used to manage a wide range of receivable & payable programs. See our Solutions for the current range of products.  
  • ERP INTEGRATION: FINEON Platform has strong capability in integrating any input file from Companies and Banks ERP, we don’t impose a specific file format.
  • PROGRAM SETUP & MANAGEMENT: A rich web granular interface enables funders to set up and manage programs online. Similar interfaces for large corporates allow them to control their receivable & payable programs.
  • WEB SERVICES INTEGRATION: Banks can perform a set of actions such as updating rates, approving purchase offers and updating Credit Limits via web services in real time, so banks can easily use two different rates.
  • REPORTING ENGINE: FINEON Platform is capable to generate scheduled reports (or on event-based triggers) reports in the recipient’s specific format as well as providing on demand daily, weekly, monthly reports.
  • SUPPLIER ONBOARDING: A Simplified onboarding process that enables easy collaboration for clients & funders when rolling out a Supply Chain Finance program. FINEON’s Supplier Onboarding portal enables suppliers to easily register by submitting their details, KYC information and documentations for funder approval.


FINEON’s provides white-label solutions for its clients that require a platform in their image & brand, customized interfaces and functionality as well as providing a fully segregated instance with data held in a jurisdiction of their choosing. We also provide an “Outsource Service” whereby the clients require FINEON to fully manage the platform on their behalf.